Ferrari’s Best 5 Concept Cars


How do you pick the top 5 Ferrari concept cars of all time?  The simple answer is that you can’t.  All you can do is pick your favourite 5 and then wait for the flaming to begin…  How can you create any “Best of” list which leaves out anything?  The simple answer is that Ferrari have just done too many great concept cars.  We could do a top 10 and wouldn’t fit everything in that we’d like to.

That being the case, here’s the top 5 all time greatest Ferrari concept cars as voted for by the Cocept Car World office after they’d got back from their liquid lunch.


1. The Modulo

This is everything a concept car should be.  It’s futuristic, it breaks the mould and, it looks like something Buck Rogers would drive to work in.  It is spectacular in its ambition, even if it was glaringly obvious it’s not how cars of the future would look.  It’s a stab at a Jetsons future, with a  Big Track colour scheme and we love it.

Ferrari_Modulo & frame MOdulo rear Modulo Sketch


2. The Ferrari Mythos

A late 1980′s mid engined Ferrari which looked like it stood a good chance of making it all the way to the car showrooms, but never made the transition.  Built onto a Testarossa chassis this car was allegedly capable of 180mph.



3. The Ferrari Eternity

Ferrari’s World Design Contest has thrown up some beautiful concepts over the years and, in our opinion, non better than the winner from 2011, designed by 3 Korean students and powered by something which brings the flux capacitor to mind.  Christened “Eternita” this is a Ferrari we’d love to see gliding down the street one day!



4. The Pininfirino Sergio

There are very few names which mean more to a Ferrari enthusiast than Pininfarina, so when the legendary designer passed away at the age of 85, this was the car meant to honour his memory and as epitaphs go, it’s pretty apt.    Choosing to look forward, rather than backwards they designed a car which captured the style and grace of the great man.



5.  The Ferrari Pinin

This might have made it in on novelty value alone as  Ferrari’s first soiree into a 4 door model that we can think of and it was created to celebrate half a century of awesomeness. Enzo Ferrari was so hot on the design that he flirted with making it a production model, but the idea was eventually dropped.

Ferrari Pinin


Ferrari’s Best 5 Concept Cars

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